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When you pair our amazing WP support framework with blazing fast, industry-leading server architecture, the results are a truly amazing hosting experience.
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"Yep, That's Included"

If you are like us, you hate constant up-sells, add-ons, and complicated contracts.
That's why our hosting plans include features that other providers limit and charge extra for.

Awesome Support

To us, this is a no brainer. It doesn't matter how great your hosting is, if your support sucks. All of our hosting plans come with 24x7 Support from experienced, battle-tested WP Support Heroes.

Fast Load Times

Our hosting plans are based on lightning-fast, industry-leading VULTR High Frequency Cloud Servers. Some call it "Performance Overkill", and tbh, we like fast sites so we're okay with that.

Automatic Backups

Enjoy fast, silent, intelligent server-level backups. You can sleep easy knowing that your WordPress site is backed up automatically once every hour, once a day, once per week, and once per month.

SSL Certificate

Most Internet browsers will warn users if your site is not secured by an SSL certificate. Help protect your site against hackers by encrypting the data sent between your site and your visitors.

CDN Integration

A Content Delivery Network helps deliver your website's images and media securely and quickly from a datacenter geographically closest to your site's visitor.

NVMe Solid State

NVMe increases throughput over traditional Solid State Drives and results in lightning fast response times and load times. Experience the speed difference today!

Server-Level Firewall

We believe security shouldn't be an add-on. Every hosting plan comes with a powerful 6G WAF Firewall designed to help protect your site against malicious hackers.

DDoS Protection

Besides the server-level firewall, we also implement a customized CDN-level firewall managed via Cloudflare. Automatically protect your site against suspicious activity.

Designed for Speed & Reliability

Powered by blazing fast VULTR High Frequency cloud architecture, our hosting plans are designed for speed and maximum deliverability + uptime.

Say goodbye to frequent down times and slow load times. Whether your site has a few visitors or thousands of visitors per hour, we've got you covered.

New Plan Tiers & Features

Ready to get started? Simply select a hosting package:

Starter Plan

Perfect For Most Users
Billed monthly
CPU: 2 Cores, 3.0+ GHz
Memory (RAM): 2GB
Free SSL Certificate
CDN Integration
Latest WP Installed
Priority Chat Support
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Business Plan

For Users with Multiple Sites
Billed monthly
CPU: 2 Cores, 3.0+ GHz
Memory (RAM): 4GB
Free SSL Certificate
Up to 5 Websites
CDN Integration
Latest WP Installed
Priority Chat Support

Agency Plan

More Sites, More Power
Billed monthly
CPU: 3 Cores, 3.0+ GHz
Memory (RAM): 8GB
Free SSL Certificate
Up to 10 Websites
CDN Integration
Latest WP Installed
Priority Chat Support

Custom Plans

We can help you scale up easily:
Larger Storage Options
More CPU Cores
Add Additional Sites
Multisite Implementation
Custom-Select Datacenter
Migration Support
Custom Support Solutions
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