WordPress SSL Setup & Repairs


This service includes a full SSL analysis, server inspection, and the setup or repair of your site's SSL certificate. Perfect for setting up new SSL's or diagnosing and fixing currently existing ones. If you have mixed content errors, we can fix those as well.


Set Up or Fix Broken SSL Certificates Easily!


This service is for websites that either already have an SSL purchased with their hosting provider, or for the set up of CloudFlare SSL + CDN by compatible hosting providers.

For more information on CloudFlare SSL: Click Here
To Test Your SSL: Read Our Knowledgebase Article Here


Before migrating your site, our team will always perform a Full Site Backup and Initial Site Inspection.

When Fixing Broken SSL certificates, we'll also perform an SSL Inspection to identify what fixes are needed, a full MYSQL database search and replace to fix any non-secure content calls directly from the source, and fix any server-level issues related to your SSL.

Our 24/7 Chat Support is always manned by experienced WordPress Developers that can help you select the right service to fix or update your site.

Each month, we answer thousands of questions and provide 24/7/365 Support to thousands of visitors and clients from around the world. In order to ensure everyone is receiving the fastest response and turn times, all support is handled via 24x7 Chat Support, Client Portal, and Support Ticket system.

Agency Partners, Existing Enterprise Support Subscribers, and Web Design Clients have access to a Dedicated Client Success Manager, Shared Client/Project Board, and Dedicated Phone Support.

Depending on your specific needs, we have a range of solutions available. From flat-rate “quick-fix” services to on-going monthly support, we’ll help you identify the best service option for your project.

Our available flat-rate services can be seen in our site’s navigation menu. For anything else, please connect with one of our Support Reps via Chat Support.


At SproutedWeb, there are a variety of amazing social causes and organizations we absolutely love to work with and support.

If any of the following describe your business or brand, then you qualify for up to 20% off all services:

✓ 501(c) Non-Profit Organizations
✓ US Veteran or Veterans’ Organization
✓ School or Education Professionals
✓ Humanitarian & Anti-Hate Groups
✓ Service Industry (Restaurant & Bar)
✓ Businesses Promoting Eco-Friendliness
✓ Small Businesses with Annual Revenues Under $100,000 per year.

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We provide amazing 24/7 support, expert-level WordPress support, and most importantly, we deliver quality work FAST and on-budget with transparent pricing.

With Maintenance Plans starting at $39/month and Dedicated Support Plans starting at $99/month, we’re definitely friendlier on the wallet than most of the other options out there.

STEP ONE:  Initiate a Support Chat and Instantly Connect With Your WP Developer

STEP TWO: After discussing your WP needs with one of our devs, we will recommend the proper service (whether hourly or flat-rate).

STEP THREE: Once you purchase the recommended service, our system will automatically create your client account with us. You'll now have access to 24x7 Chat Support and begin to receive service updates via email.

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